Long Term Employees

by Mark Martins

Employees are the most important thing for a business to be successful in addition to clients, and finding the right employee can be very difficult. Training them, motivating them and retaining them can be a huge challenge so we generally look at a long-term employee as a good thing. After all, it surely represents employee satisfaction for your organization.

There are many reasons long-term employees are good for a business, more experience means more productivity, more knowledge of your products and clients, mentoring for new employees and fewer errors just to name a few. This means that these employees are less expensive than you think even if their compensation is higher than their junior counterparts.

While having tenured employees is generally a good thing be aware of the long-term employee that has been in the same position for years in an environment that offers opportunities for advancement.

Be aware of that employee with the sense of entitlement that doesn’t think he/she needs to work as hard as the new guy simply because he/she has been around longer.

Be aware of that employee that takes too much of your time explaining the obvious reasons why he/she isn’t being promoted yet again.

Some positions have a shelf-life and if someone remains in that position much longer than other employees and shows no potential for advancement, it may be time for a change…


*This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.