3 Reasons to Invest In & Attend Industry Events

Like many of our clients, budgeting time and money is an ongoing reality. Where to invest and where to spend when both are of utmost importance and tend to run out quickly when you’re having fun.

Key drivers for our calendar include selecting events based on the clients and markets that we serve, as well as those that bring together and encourage industry thought-leaders and engaging speakers to share their best practices and insight.  And while certain factors like location or logistics may impact a decision, here are three of our top reasons to regularly attend events:



Organizations like MRIA, CASRO, and MRA host events for companies and people who are looking to increase their knowledge and experience…which is basically everyone.

Events provide a unique opportunity to take courses or attend sessions in a condensed period of time with industry colleagues.



icon-softTechnology & Methodology

Keeping up with the latest trends and capabilities is how leading market researchers stay at the top of their game.

Learning from fellow researchers, business leaders, and across industries will help you find the tools and strategies to propel your insight programs.




The chance to network with leading researchers, learn from their experiences, and bounce ideas off of one another is invaluable.

Attending sessions and debriefing with peers can inspire new initiatives, business plans, and even careers!



For more details on where you’ll find thinqonline, visit our 2015 Events Calendar