Will a partnership advance your next insight program?

YES! From the look of current trends, partnerships are on the rise and we like it!

As both innovation in technology and the complexities for sample and research requirements increase, the market research industry has seen a surge in partnerships of varying degree. Partnerships are driving change and elevating the industry.

Research Live recently noted that, “partnerships are leading to greater innovation in the industry such as easier access to niche audiences.”

So how do thinqonline and other value-added resellers fit into the partnership picture? Having built our solutions and services with strategic partnerships, we’ve found there are significant benefits to working with a value-added reseller with strategic technology partnerships.

Why conduct your next research project with a partner like thinqonline?

Access to subject matter expertise
Many companies have a clear specialty or core competency in which they are the market leader, and through a value-added reseller, you benefit by gaining access to multiple market-leading technologies and their respective domain expertise. Why not work with the best in mobile surveys? As well as the best for CATI? And don’t forget the leader in reporting and analytics! You can leverage the strengths of partnerships to benefit your projects.

Leverage the best technology for your project
While some software companies can support a variety of survey methodologies, it doesn’t mean they are the best at all of them. Working with a variety of partners enables our customers to leverage the best-of-breed technology for their specific project. While some of our partners provide similar software capabilities, our role, is to ensure the client is able to leverage the best of the offerings for their specific project and not be tied to a single software brand.

Save Time & Money
Unlike a traditional software license, where you might be limited to a single offering for multi-year contract, a software reseller partnership can provide clients a wider variety of access to multiple technologies as needed for their projects. Rather than purchasing a full license of products that you do not need, you can select the methods best suited for your project and invest and scale accordingly, often saving time and money for implementation and on-boarding.


Having best-practice use cases and expertise directly from technology suppliers, puts value-added resellers in a unique position. We know the benefits of each of the partners we represent and are able to recommend an option that will advance your business. And should your needs change, as is usually the case when programs evolve, you can leverage thinqonline to reevaluate and recommend another solution if needed, without being tied to a single platform.

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