[VIDEO] Top questions to ask your technology providers

There isn’t much debate when it comes to the importance of measuring customer, employee and marketplace experiences. Whether to launch a new product or test creative ideas and concepts, the key is to acquire the necessary insight AND get it to the appropriate stakeholder in the shortest amount of time. The strategic research and partnerships that fuel the decision process are of the utmost importance.

But how do you determine if you have the right technology partner?

We suggest starting with these questions [VIDEO]:

  • Are your technology partners providing dynamic and intelligent software, solutions and services?
  • Can your partners offer expertise and consulting across even the most complex project lifecycle?
  • Do you have the most fit-for-purpose deployment of software solutions to achieve superior business results and return on investment?

If you’re just getting started, perfect! Add these questions to your conversations with potential partners. And if you’re already working with a technology provider consider these questions when you evaluate your next project. The ideal technology partners are able to recognize the importance of your insight program, offer comprehensive solutions to understand your stakeholders and their goals, and add value to your programs to ultimately ignite your brand.

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