Mobile surveys for a more customer-focused industry

The telecommunications industry has leveraged SMS surveys to help transform into a more customer-focused industry.

While there are various channels for acquiring customer feedback, we’ve noticed the telecom industry has begun a significant shift toward SMS-based survey programs. 

Why the move to SMS?

For Market Research agencies that advise and support telecom programs, they are now able to point to several reasons for this shift. When evaluating legacy customer satisfaction programs for telecom companies and their clients, SMS-based surveys not only offer better alignment with their own industry sector which promotes a more modern and forward-thinking identity, but also a significant and tangible time and cost savings. One that is even greater and uniquely aligned to the telecom industry.

When Market Research agency Maritz recommended to their client, a global mobile operator, that they move from IVR to SMS surveys, implementing OnePoint Global’s solution, their response rates increased by 67%. On top of which their customers loved it!

Though each mobile customer satisfaction program is unique, additional benefits realized using SMS-based surveys include:

  • Customers can reply when it best suits them – something not as easily done with IVR in the past.
  • Customers respond for FREE! – leveraging the mobile operators own network, this is a very tangible cost savings.
  • 80% responded within 2hrs – providing results closer to real-time enabling faster analysis and insight to improve customer satisfaction.

All together, these benefits are creating reliable, more real-time results and ultimately an entire business program and process that is better integrated into the core of telecom operations.

Much like the ongoing and growing conversation about mobile for market research, we think sectors like the telecom industry will continue to move in the direction of SMS-based solutions and rightly so. It will be interesting to see which industry will be next to find their own unique benefits to mobile surveys.



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