Digital Security For An Evolving Global Marketplace – What Research Companies Should Know

In recent weeks, the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) was formed and the US-EU Safe Harbor Agreement collapsed. What does this mean for those of us operating in the very digital and global market industry? What about for our clients?

The recent US-EU Safe Harbor decision highlights the fact that we, as a global community, need laws that are relevant to today’s technology and digital security needs.

Microsoft notes key points for the future of personal data and digital privacy likening it to a “Rubik’s Cube,” and also stating that, “We need a global Internet,” and “We need to keep the public safe.”

We couldn’t agree more.

A Checklist for Digital Security Compliance

The good news – many companies in the market research industry are leading the way with innovative and forward-thinking strategies to protect client data and to actively inform their client of their rights and policies.

Companies such as Nebu, have implemented operational procedures specifically in adherence to the most stringent policies to ensure compliance within most territories. They also provide guidelines and clear explanations on the regulations associated with holding personal data for market research use.

In their latest white paper, Security and Data Protection, Nebu has created a thorough overview to provide market research agencies with a guide to answer the basics of security, like “What is Personal Data?” but also to address more technical questions like:

  • Who is accessing the data and at what point is data transferred?
  • Encryption: what it brings, why do it?
  • SSL – what does it add?
  • Which geographical legislation applies?

What’s next for security?

The IoTSF was formed to respond to the evolving needs and concerns of digital security. In similar fashion, we strongly believe that the best defense for our industry and clients is to proactively discuss and evolve to meet the needs of our industry. Ultimately, this should encourage providers and clients to intelligently pursue the best ways to actively protect personal data while still encouraging legitimate use of anonymized data as mentioned on Research Live.


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