Intellex Secures US Presence by Partnering with thinqonline

As of January 2015 Intellex will be offering its suite of products and services in partnership with thinqonline, a New York based Software and Solutions provider. By partnering with thinqonline in the US and Canada, Intellex secures a position in the top research market in the world for its products.

Jeroen Rietberg, co-founder of Intellex Dynamic Reporting comments: “We are very happy with this partnership as it allows Intellex to set foot on the ground in the US and Canada. What we especially appreciate about thinqonline is their deep experience and resulting profound understanding of the US market, which is why we are certain that this partnership will be more than just the sum of its parts.”

Yaron Brenman, co-founder of thinqonline, also commented on the partnership: “We are pleased to partner with an innovative and creative technology team providing superior reporting solutions to marketers and researchers. The range of capabilities offered by the Intellex product line are a great addition to the thinqonline portfolio of products and play an essential role in the distribution and visualization of survey data in the research value chain. As the project lifecycle becomes increasingly condensed, it is becoming more and more important to deploy intelligent tools that provide productive solutions for reducing the cycle time to delivery. Intellex has the pedigree and the vision to provide organizations with the tools that makes their data more insightful.”

ABOUT INTELLEX DYNAMIC REPORTING – Intellex Dynamic Reporting, founded in 2005 from a market research agency and an IT-provider, is an internationally operating provider of analysis, tabulation and reporting software for professional market research including PowerPoint automation and interactive dashboard solutions. Our products are known to offer the capacity to reduce time spent on report production by up to 80%.

ABOUT THINQONLINE – Based in New York, thinqonline is a global provider of software and solutions delivering best-of-breed technologies for research agencies and enterprise insight programs. Representing the Nebu, Intellex, and OnePoint Global product lines, thinqonline provides expertise and consulting across the project lifecycle to facilitate superior quality solutions, top-tier support and an unyielding dedication to the customer experience. To learn more visit or call+1 646 856 9750.