OnePoint Global Partners with thinqonline to Accelerate Mobile Surveys Growth in North America


Leaders in Mobile Survey Technology Form Alliance with Software Reseller

April 28, 2015 – OnePoint Global (, providers of mobile and online survey technology, announces partnership with thinqonline (, providers of technology solutions for research agencies and enterprise insight programs in North America. This alliance will enable North American researchers and brand owners to easily use mobile surveys and reap the many benefits which include maximizing engagement with customers and increasing response rates.

OnePoint Global’s mobile survey technology allows users to create unlimited branded Apps, Mobile Web, Online and SMS surveys to collect responses offline and online – capability which no other company provides in one Platform. What’s more the technology is designed to ensure that it’s easy to use, so that everybody can create any kind of mobile survey that looks perfect on any phone, tablet and browser.

Yaron Brenman, Co- Founder and Managing Director, thinqonline says, “Partnering with OnePoint Global is a fantastic opportunity to deliver an unparalleled mobile survey capability to the market. Mobile brings a new dimension by capturing powerful real-time and in-the-moment insight. We take great pride in offering best-of-breed technologies to uniquely provide clients with specialized software and solutions to execute engaging and insightful customer, employee and market insight programs.”

Rob Huijboom, Chief Commercial Officer, OnePoint Global comments, “We are extremely pleased to announce thinqonline as our first partner in North America as we continue with our global expansion. Our mission is to work together bringing thinqonline’s significant research industry experience and market knowledge combined with our unique mobile research capabilities to the research world in North America.”

We are committed to providing easy access to mobile surveys so that companies across the globe can start using quickly and easily – this partnership enables us to continue doing that. We look forward to working together!”


About thinqonline
Based in New York, thinqonline ( is a global provider of software and solutions delivering best-of-breed technologies for research agencies and enterprise insight programs. Representing the Nebu, Intellex, and OnePoint Global product lines, thinqonline provides expertise and consulting across the project lifecycle to facilitate superior quality solutions, top-tier support and an unyielding dedication to the customer experience.

About OnePoint Global
OnePoint Global (, are the providers of the most powerful mobile and online survey technology. We are passionate about delivering the best mobile survey technology for leading brands across the globe. In simple terms ‘We get it’. We make sure that our customers’ mobile surveys stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, maximising engagement, and we understand the potential pitfalls so they don’t need to worry about them. OnePoint Global’s Mobile Survey Platform enables people to create any kind of mobile survey, optimised for any device; Mobile Web, Online, App and SMS surveys, perfectly formatted for the most basic phones, smartphones, tablets and browsers.

Here are 10 ways our clients are using our Platform today:
1. Creating mobile surveys optimised to display perfectly on any device, in any country and any language.
2. Personalising surveys, invites and reminders with their logos, colours and fonts.
3. Making really engaging surveys with touch control sliders, rankings and ratings, as well as picture, voice and video, and much more.
4. Using reporting and analytics to see and export results in real-time.
5. Creating their own branded Survey Apps in minutes.
6. Making many different branded Apps without worrying about extra cost.
7. Using App surveys which upload offline responses automatically when a connection is re-established.
8. Giving respondents a dedicated website where they register, download their App and access support.
9. Using SMS invites for Mobile Web and online surveys to increase response rates.
10. Using mobile surveys to replace CATI and IVR programs to gain higher completion rates and save money.